Recruitment vs. Marketing: How to Set them Apart?

In light with the emerging human resources management solutions (like Lanteria), it is understandable if there is any confusion between some terms that has something to do with recruitment, such as the difference in the meaning of recruitment and marketing. The fine line that sets these two apart can really be disconcerting as it often intertwines, sometimes even with recruitment marketing. In order to settle the score between these two, let us discuss each concept in detail one at a time.

Understanding the Process of Recruitment

If we are to define recruitment simply, it refers to the step by step process of identification of potential successful applicants for a vacant position, conducting necessary interviews, management selection, the actual hiring and offering of the job position, up until the new hire’s onboarding with the company. In other words, it meant the hiring process from Phase I to Phase III. To give further explanation, here is the outline of the entire hiring process.

There are three key phases in the hiring process which includes stages in between:

Phase I. Planning. This involves detailed discussion about the company needs for additional workforce. Phase I can be broken down to the following stages.

Stage 1. Identification of the need for recruitment

Stage 2. Preparation for the recruitment plan

Stage 3. Job postings are made public

Phase II. Recruitment. Once the job vacancy is posted publicly, the recruitment phase of the hiring process begins. The task of the HR specialists now is to screen through all the applications that they will receive and choose the best suited applicant for the job opening to proceed with the interview process. It has five stages:

Stage 1. Applications are reviewed by HR specialists

Stage 2. Initial Screening is done through phone of personal interviews

Stage 3. An applicant gets scheduled for an Initial Interview

Stage 4. Applicant undergoes assessment tests

Stage 5. HR conducts background and reference check

Phase III. Employee Selection. Employee selection is the process by which an employer evaluates the results of the assessments and interviews generated during the recruitment phase. It has three stages:

Stage 1. Management makes a selection

Stage 2. HR extending a Job Offer

Stage 5. Preparing for the Onboarding

Depending on the size of an organization, recruitment is the responsibility of a range of workers. Larger organizations may have entire teams of recruiters, while others only a single recruiter.

Making Sense of What Marketing Means

Whereas recruitment is a process, marketing actually refers to the various activities a company has planned. conceptualized, and worked on in order to promote their brand or for layman terms, their company. There are three reasons why marketing exists.

  • The first one is to capture the attention of your target audience or customers
  • The next one involves persuasion so that your target customer either makes a purchase or make a move to be part of whatever you wanted him.her to take part of
  • And lastly, it ends with you providing your target customer with a specific action that they can agree to take

To elaborate, there are different marketing strategies that have been around which can help in pointing out its difference to what recruitment is.

  • Outbound Marketing. This includes the traditional method of using cold calling and cold mailing, TV commercials, etc.
  • Inbound Marketing. Aims to attract visitors to view a website through links provided using traditional media.
  • Social Media Marketing. This utilizes the social media platforms to promote online content.
  • Email Marketing. Using email campaigns to reach out to potential and current customers.
  • Content Marketing. The use of various online content such as blogging to promote a product, in this case, a company.
  • SEO Marketing or PPC advertising. This requires the use of keywords or clicks to gain following
  • Event Marketing. Hosting events to establish networks and generate leads.
  • Online Marketing or Digital Marketing. Thisutilizes online presence in different digital platforms to promote their brand.
  • Offline Marketing. The use of traditional media platforms like television, radio, word-of-mouth, mail,and even flyers for brand promotion.

What Sets them Apart?

Differentiating these two concepts can be easy. You just have to concentrate on the most basic facts and you won’t be confused ever again between the two. Here are those facts.

  • Recruitment is the hiring process that has three phases and different stages. Marketing is composed of planned activities that are conceptualized in order to promote a companyś brand.
  • The main department in charge of recruitment is the Human Resources while marketing activities and events are planned by the Marketing department.
  • The goal of recruitment is to hire employees who can join their organization. Marketing aims to promote a companyś brand through various promotional activities.
  • Recruitment targets job seekers while marketing target customers.
  • Recruitment is what you do when you need additional employees to fill in positions in a company. Marketing is what you say and how you say it when you want to explain how awesome your product or your company is and why people should buy it or wish to be part of it.
  • When you recruit people, you are actively incorporating them to join your company, but when you do marketing, you only attract people to join your company by showing them how awesome it is to be part of it using different marketing strategies.

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