How to Enable YouTube Partner (Monetization) Program in Ineligible Countries

Who doesn’t want to make money onlinein easy way. There are many ways to make money online. Some needs to have hard work and some you can make money in easy way . Among these YouTube Monetization Program is the easy way to make money online. YouTube is a largest and no.1 video sharing websites in the world. Everybody knows it. It doesn’t need any explanation. You can create your free YouTube a/c. Upload a videos and get view.

And you may also know that that views can really help you make make good amount of money. You can do it by linking the Adsense account or MCNs (Multi Channel Networks) with your YouTube a/c.
But to make a real money you must be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. Because YouTube partner program is not available to all countries like (Nepal , Pakistan, Afghanistan etc) . So for those countries where YouTube Partner Program is not available, this simple trick can helps to enable YouTube Partner Program on YouTube channel.

Enable YouTube Partner Program in Ineligible Country

For ineligible countries you will see the following message about Monetization on Status and Features option.
  • So now first Login to your YouTube channel.
  • Then head over to Advanced Settingoption.
  • On the Account Information section , change the country to United Statesor any country that is eligible for YouTube Partner Program.
  • Save it. Now go to Status and features option. You will see the following message.
This means you are now eligible for YouTube Partner Program. If you have adsense a/c  you can link it to you channel, if not then you can create new adsense a/c or you can also join Multi-channel networks (MCNs) to make money from YouTube.

Must Read :

Here are some others criteria you must meet to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.

  • Your account must be in good standing and hasn’t previously been disabled for monetization.
  • You upload original, quality content that is advertiser-friendly. Copyrighted video cannot be monetized
  • Your video content complies with YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • You must have reviewed YouTube copyright education materials.

Please note:

You may not be able to monetize videos which use any of the following without the explicit permission of the person who created or produced all material:

  • Music (including cover songs, lyrics, and background music)
  • Graphics and pictures (including photographs and artwork)
  • Movie or TV visuals
  • Video game or software visuals. Click here for details.
  • Live performances (including concerts, sporting events, and shows)

If you have some questions feel free to ask.

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