Best Big Data Tools and how to use them

It is important for any of the organization, which provides big data analytics consulting to identify different kinds of data tools, which are available in the market for managing the data, which they are handling. Slowly with the increasing adoption of technology in various categories, it is important that we select the right kind of data tools which can help us to perform our tasks at a faster rate and also in a smooth manner.

What we were once storing data in the form of gigabytes are now turning into terabytes and more. It is leading to the constant generation of a large amount of data on daily basis. This makes the normal processing technology difficult to handle and retrieve all the data which is stored. One should, therefore, opt for the service which can handle this large amount of data more effectively and also give output whenever there is a need.

Best Big Data Tools available in the market for use

We have provided here a comprehensive list of the big data tools which are available in the market. Each of these tools is having their own pros and cons which make them suitable to be used over a particular application.

  1. Hadoop: The name is quite synonymous to big data. It is open source data analytics software which is mainly developed in handling large amounts of data. One can smoothly scale their available amount of data down or even up without facing any of the problems related to the failures of their hardware. They will experience smooth and seamless work experience even with a vast change in the available data. Even it will help to perform a large number of tasks simultaneously without facing any of the issues.
  2. Cloudera: This service is quite similar to Hadoop with some of the extra features provided. It will provide access to easily manage the large amount of data which your organization is managing seamlessly. One can consider this mainly as the enterprise solution which one can use for managing the ecosystem of Hadoop which is existing in their organization. Even certain amount of data security system is also provided so that you can remain to be rest assured about the data which you are going to handle.
  3. MongoDB: One can consider this as being the modern and also the start-up based approach for managing the databases. Even it is possible for considering this as an alternative to using the relational databases. It will prove to be useful for managing the data which changes quite frequently or the data which is in the form of unstructured or semi-structured manner. Some of the common use of this database includes using the mobile applications, managing the product catalogs and so on.
  4. Talend: It is also one of the data management company which offers a number of products which are designed for managing the data. One can also use this service for managing the real-time data, applications and also for integration of the processes which are used by a number of organizations in their system. It will help them to be more productive in terms of the processes which they have developed. People are also using this platform for the case of data management which is used for managing all the process of organization in an effective manner.


Thus, we can say that there are a number of different kinds of big data management tools available in the market with their own advantages and limitations. One can select the one based on their inherent benefits and the way in which they will be useful for their organization. This will help them to make their organization more productive.

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